Scarlet Letters

“Beautifully designed; a relaxed, healthy sexual ethos permeates every aspect of Corinna’s site.” – Playboy Online

Scarlet Letters (1998 –  2005) was one of the web’s first and rare queer, feminist publishers of unabashedly sex-positive, smart and original creative and artistic work centered around sex and sexuality. It included erotic art and literature, sex advice and information and smashed genre and gender barricades and typical media approaches to sex and sexuality. It showcased many authors and artists working in and around sexuality at the time. Contributors and staff of Scarlet Letters included Hanne Blank, Lori Selke, Roxane Gay, Michele Serchuk, David Steinberg, Charles Gatewood, Geoff Cordner, Debra Hyde, Seska, Kip Manley, Carolyn Weltman, Rahne Alexander, Anne Tourney, Jaime Carrera and others. It was highly influential in the field of erotica and sexuality on the web at the time and in feminist pornography and online sexuality content that followed its era.

“Cancel appointments, be prepared to linger!” – Betty Dodson