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Always Andersonville: Episode 175: Sexual Health, Aging, Menopause, and more with Searah Deysach and Heather Corinna, 2024

Teach Your Kids: Sex Education with Heather Corinna from Scarleteen, 2024 (podcast)

The Mayo Clinic’s Read. Talk. Grow.: Unlocking the mysteries of perimenopause, 2024 (podcast)

Circling the Drain: Sticky Wickets with Heather Corinna, 2023 (podcast)

Gender GP: Inclusive Sex Education, 2021 (podcast)

Everything is Fine: What Fresh Hell Is This?, 2021 (podcast)

Middling Along: Heather Corinna on hellish peri symptoms and their new book ”What Fresh Hell is This?”, 2021 (podcast)

Social Intercourse: What Fresh Hell, Indeed with Heather Corinna – Episode 19, 2021 (podcast)

Northwestern University’s  Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing, EDIT Program Community Spotlight, 2018 (podcast)

Sex Out Loud: Heather Corinna of Scarleteen on Why Progressive Sex Ed is Critical, 2014 (podcast)

NPR, Website Aims To Give Teens Real-World Advice On The Birds And The Bees, 2016 (radio)

Bad Sex Stories with Heather Corinna: Fucking While Feminist Episode 40, 2014 (podcast)

How To Lose Your Virginity, Therese Schecter, 2013 (documentary film)