sexuality activism and education

There are numerous forms of oppression in our culture, to state what should be obvious. I believe that certain forms of sexual oppression, namely that of women, young adults and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, are intentionally destructive and dangerous. I work actively to combat and end that oppression via providing sexual information, education and community for those groups, and through my visual and textual art, work to increase visibility, reduce stereotype and explore and question pervasive attitudes. I believe that were accurate, inclusive and comprehensive sex education and information easily available, and sexuality presented from a myriad of vantage points and contexts -- not soley for entertainment, sales, for and from a heterosexual male eye -- our lives as a whole, would be vastly enriched, and our culture far healthier.

I have been working as a sexuality activist since 1998. I founded Scarlet Letters at the beginning of that year, the first artistic and educational website online with a focus on women's sexuality and an all-female staff, and at the end of 1998, also founded Scarleteen, which remains the Internet's largest independent, unaffiliated, free resource for young adult sex education, information and sexuality discussion. In 1999, I also founded the Femmerotic portal (coining the now often-used term "femmerotica"), a network of women-friendly sexuality sites and resources, as well as my personal website through which to showcase my photographic and textual work, as well as to provide an open and intimate look at my life as an artist and activist. All of those websites combined are viewed by over 30,000 users daily: millions of users each year. The sites were built with elbow grease, not venture capital, and remain through my own work and that of many dedicated volunteers.

In addition, I have recently founded and help collectively manage the online young feminist community, the All Girl Army.

The sites and my work have garnered the respect and attention of numerous publications and organizations including The Chicago Tribune, The Minneapolis City Pages, Pioneer Press, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Wiretap/Alternet, The Minnesota Women's Press, The Illinois Library Association, The Utne Reader, SIECUS, The Kinsey Institute, The Oxygen Network, The Boston Phoenix, Flare, The San Francisco Gate, AVN, The Village Voice, Salon, Hip Mama, Estroclick, Women Writers, The San Francisco Weekly, The Austin Chronicle, Issues (AU), On Our Backs, Libido, Shift , PIF, Bitch and BUST magazines and more. Scarleteen has received accolades and support from numerous libraries, schools, sex education organizations and parent's groups worldwide, and was recently nominated for an Erotic Oscar. Several clinics, colleges and universities have utilized my activist work and educational pieces for their curriculum. My written and visual work have been published in many venues, and I have a fully inclusive and comprehensive sexuality guide for young adults, S.E.X., brand new from Marlowe & Co., a subsidiary of the Avalon Publishing Group, in the spring of 2007. (For information about and reviews of the book, go over here!) For the last few years, I was also been a plaintiff for the ACLU in ACLU vs. Alberto Gonzales, the case against the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), and my work was critical in winning the case to protect our freedom of speech.

I routinely provide volunteer and low-bono services to other similar and related organizations, including public speaking, reprints, photography, design, public relations, fundraising and donations, networking and consultation. I am available for all of the above on a freelance basis, and will also do any of the following on a low-bono basis for likeminded activists and organizations. To become involved, or to query about my services, contact me via email.